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No matter if you are a follower of Hecate or just love Greek mythology, make sure that you check out the Hecate with her Hounds Statue. Made from cold cast bronze, this hand-painted statue depicts the Greek goddess of magic. Hecate stands looking down at one of the two dogs at her side. One dog sits at her right side while another sits at her left.


The bronze goddess wears a short green top and a long blue skirt. The blue skirt becomes green towards the bottom. At the top of the skirt, there is a belt with key details. Hecate holds a dagger in her left hand and a flaming torch in her right hand. A snake wraps around her body. The animals and accessories are symbols of Hecate. This richly colored statue makes a great decor piece. Add the Hecate with her Hounds Statue to your home or office space.



  • Length: 6.1 Inches
  • Width: 4.9 Inches
  • Height: 13.4 Inches

Hecate, Greek Goddess of Magic & Her Hound

SKU: WU77853A4
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