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Your Plain & Simple Guide to Understanding and Interpreting the Ancient Oracle

Runes are alphabet letters or characters that have been used for thousands of years as a form of communication and divination. This book, written by an authority on divination systems, shows readers how to make their own set of runes and how to interpret them.

Included in this accessible primer are:


  • A brief overview of the runes, from Etruscan times to the present
  • The myths and lore that inform runic wisdom
  • The basic rune symbols known as Futhark and their definitions
  • Instructions on how to read the runes and rune spreads
  • An introduction to runic magic


This comprehensive guide presents every letter of the runic alphabet in detail, with its origins and magical uses, and helps seekers tap into their energy. From making your own runes (and a bag to protect them) to reading the ancient alphabet, casting the runes, and interpreting the spread, all the basics are laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow, and superbly illustrated fashion, perfect for beginners.

This book was previously published as Runes Plain & Simple.

Runes: An Introduction

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