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A Little About Us...

We are a small family-owned business, comprised of myself (Belinda), my husband (Nick), my daughter (Cypress), and our awesome fur babies (Caspian Jack, Orion Bear, Akasha Rose, Oscar Wylde, Seymour and Willow Rain). We are very proud of our little space in the universe and have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people along the way!  We are all about the whimsical and unique, but also sustainability and making our footprint a little brighter!

We do offer several services and are fortunate to have several "guests" each month at the shop.  They each offer something unique, from tarot readings, to shamanic consultations.  We also offer classes on many different topics.  Most of all, we hope to provide a warm, safe space where anyone and everyone feels welcome!

So.... welcome!.... and we hope to see you soon!

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